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Throughout February Kuivato Glass Gallery will be featuring the work of jewelry artist Estyn Hulbert. With a varied background ranging from luxurious quilt design to contemporary sculpture based on traditional dolls, Hulbert is currently immersed in the world of wearable art. Her experience with knitting and sewing is evident in her signature style. Inspired by growing things, geometric shapes, typography, cultural symbols, lace, and fragments of shells found on the beach, she following the thread of an idea, which leads from one design to the next. The result is exquisite pieces of jewelry exhibiting structural integrity and a seamlessness between the material and the form.

Opening reception: Friday, February 5 from 5–8 pm.  





mahi-mahi2.jpgMARCH - MICHAEL HOPKO

Throughout the month of March, Michael Hopko and his nature-inspired sculpture will be featured at Kuivato Glass Gallery. Hopko's work is influenced by the beauty that surrounds him near his home in the Trinity Alps of Northern California. He has created a collection of hand-blown sculptures of aquatic life ranging from octopi to fish to turtles. The beauty and motion of nature are captured through glass in stunning detail, and with each piece he strives to combine uniquely-crafted art and quality craftsmanship.

Opening reception: Friday, March 4 from 5–8 pm.








The featured artist for the month of April at Kuivato Glass Gallery will be figurative artist, Shane Fero. Known for his inventive technique, Fero manipulates glass rods in a torch flame, alternately adding to and cooling the molten glass in sequential steps until the desired form takes shape. He then incorporates various forms of shards, powders, cane, and even stained glass to achieve swirling patterns and mysterious movement of color. His work is inspired by interests in anthropology, philosophy, mythology, and psychology. The resulting pieces are both humorous and thought provoking, and in the artist's words, "colorful, serious FUN!"  

Opening reception: Friday, April 1 from 5–8 pm.




red-group-cairns-big.jpgMAY - DAVID & MELANIE LEPPLA

Throughout May, Kuivato Glass Gallery will feature a collection of glass cairns by David and Melanie Leppla. Cairns have held deep significance for millennia. They are often used as trail markers, but also serve ceremonial and memorial purposes. These cairns, born of glass in heat and light, capture a brief moment in time when the elements are in balance. Each unique composition represents accomplishments, knowledge and experience gained, difficulties overcome, and guidance for pathways yet to be traveled. The Leppla's cairns are crafted in four color themes: earth-toned, red, tortoise shell, and neutral.

Opening reception: Friday, May 6 from 5–8 pm.